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The metrology is moving fast to share clear information across the supply chain, trim costs, reduce product defects and deliver better products faster. 

INCA 3D, the dimensional metrology software suite made by Inspect 3D is not following the trend! It is its foundation! Why?

We believe the only way to cope with this new global manufacturing model is to have a global measure software with an advanced data base and a wide range of fail safe power features with always the "Right information at the Right place".

Easy and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

- Complete GUI at main level

- Customizable GUI (dynamic toolbar, user desktop, windows locking-unlocking,...), fit your specific environment (Manual - DCC - Articulated arms; Off line - On line work, Measure with or without CAD file...). This new kind of dedicated user interface follows the "Right Information at the Right Place" concept. 

- User profile management (administrator, executor...)

- Tree view editors for programs and measurements results allows a clear program organization with explicit icons, groups and comments

- Toolbars logically ordered according to their used

- Fail-safe: 
          - Automatic saving tools
          - Backup management 
          - Diagnostic and double checks on sensitive function (deletions, probe & global modifications ...)

- Advanced probing assistance

- Context sensitive online help



- Includes programs (operation sequence) and related measurement results (measure file)
- Unlimited number of features
- Compatible with the DMIS 4.0. Built to integrate the future evolutions of the metrology process
- Integrates relative measuring path calculation to optimize probing for part with large deviation (sheet metal, assembled part...)
- External programs can be integrated to the execution of the operation sequence for specific user request (output/input data, activating external alert, stopping program during robots move...)


- Mathematical algorithms are certified by the Physikalisch Technishe Bundesanstalf (PTB), which is the official European organism for 3D measuring software.

Free form

- Comparison to CAD model
- Surface, edge, curve and flush and gap measurements
- Cloud of points
- Scanning of unknown shape (with scanning and/or trigger probe)
- Section and profile control
- Tube analyser (length, radius, bending angles & length control...)


- Any kind of geometrical alignment available
- Click and probe alignment
- Iterative Free form alignment
- Complex alignment merging geometrical and free form entities, including rotation and translation restrictions.
- After measurement, a best fit function can optimize part alignment to reduce deviation.

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